Programs & Philosophy

Goals win games. Developing players who make a difference on the pitch

1 on 1 Coaching
Specialised, tailored 60-minute training sessions for players focused on rapid improvement and specific skill development.Read More
Small Groups
Designed around the individual’s needs and abilities, these sessions deliver the extra benefit of a competitive environment with likeminded players training together.Read More
Training Programs
A program designed to deliver that extra specialised training which will improve general play and can help turn players into game changers.Read More
Holiday Camps
The best way to keep your standards up during the school holidays with an emphasis on enjoyment, football-based learning and skill development, all delivered by elite coaches.Read More
Guidance & Mentoring
Learn what it takes to make your dreams a reality. In my 18-year career as a professional player, I gained valuable knowledge that I can now pass on to the next generation.Read More
Player Pathways
For elite players connected to Shane Smeltz Football who are ready to take the step into the professional world.Read More

Structured learning to develop game-changers

” There’s a huge gap in the development pathway for young players who aspire to become professionals. Even in the NPL, three training sessions a week is not enough to support players who want to progress, especially as most clubs tend not to focus on individual development. “

  • 01. Technical Good technique makes you a better player, allows you to express yourself and ensures you stand out from the crowd, but it needs focus from an early age.

    A player with good technique is adaptable to many situations in the modern game. Some of the best players in the world constantly practice their technique no matter how simple it may seem when they perform on the field.  

    At Shane Smeltz Football our focus is for all players to achieve a high standard of technique, no matter what level of football they currently play at.  

    Being comfortable on the ball makes players highly coachable in the future, increasing their chance of success.  

    To achieve this the ball will be in use as much as possible in every session to allow the maximum number of touches, and technique drills will always be incorporated.
  • 02. Tactical Positioning, movement, teamwork and understanding your role in the team are vital attributes for the modern player.

    Once a player reaches a good technical level, the next step is to develop tactical knowledge. Understanding how their decisions, movement and technique can affect both their own and the team’s performance, is vital. 

    From knowing the basics on how each role might perform a certain task, to being able to adapt and perform for different coaches, in different positions and formations, is valuable knowledge that makes the game easier to play.

    During our sessions at Shane Smeltz Football, players learn about different roles and positions, giving making them a more rounded player within their team.
  • 03. Physical Make the most of your physique, no matter how your built. Improving strength, speed, agility and overall fitness creating a more effective player.

    I know more than anyone the importance of using your physique to get the edge on your opponent. We work closely with every individual to ensure they understand their own physical attributes and use them to maximum effect on the field.

    Our work covers core strength, agility, balance, acceleration and general fitness – all attributes that help players move well, ride challenges and get the better of their opponent.
  • 04. Psychological Facing challenges, coping with pressure, and mental awareness all help players make better decisions, improve their preparation and review performances.

    In many clubs, this is an area of the game that is neglected at a young age. In my career, I’ve been through ups and downs like most players, but each one added to my knowledge and experience.

    Now my aim is to help players become more confident in themselves and their ability, teaching them how to deal with pressure, disappointments and achievements. It all starts with how players approach each session, game days and life in general

    Having your own goals, not comparing yourself to others and setting standards for how you approach learning are all elements of my coaching sessions.